Movie Import issue

I tend to transcode movie files directly into my movies directory, which has been added to the Channels DVR Pre-alpha import feature. What I’ve noticed is that Channels discovers these while they are still being transcoded, which confuses it. It doesn’t see the duration properly, which isn’t surprising. Perhaps some logic could be added to wait some time after the file was last modified or written before attempting to import it? I noticed an error in the log this time that I thought I would share as well:

2020/07/23 18:27:54.290473 [ERR] Could not probe file 2200: exit status 1 2020/07/23 18:27:55.008160 [SCN] Imported movie Justice League.m4v

Good catch. Definitely could use some improvements for this case.

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Perhaps also a configurable scan interval, including disabling automatic scanning, could be added. (I keep my imports in on my NAS, mounted to my Channels DVR container over CIFS; my logs are filled with scan errors because my NAS/drives are asleep, and don't wake in time for the scanner.)

This has been added to the latest dvr builds

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Is this for both Movie and TV Show imports?
How long does it wait after a file is completely written?

I'm about to try using Channels DVR on my newer NAS (more horsepower for running comskip) to comskip Channels DVR TVE recordings made on my older NAS by pointing a TV Shows import folder on my new nas to the Channels DVR recording TV folder on my old nas using CIFS Remote Folder mounting.

comskip was reading my recorded file at about 2MB/s.
I tested it using the same recorded file placed on my new nas and my old nas.
There is very little difference in running it on the file locally vs. over the CIFS mount.
Local ran at 136.30 fps taking 7:10 to run for the 30 minute TVE recording I tested it on.
Through the CIFS mount it ran at 135.81 fps taking 7:11 to run.