Movie Library

I messed up, now I need your help. I had our family movies etc in the same folder as my movie library so when I added the movie link it was pretty messed up. So I moved that folder and tried the maintenance scan and prune. Nothing. Then I simply removed the link, cleaned up the movie folder and Relinked but the old home movies, etc still show up even though they are not there. Maintenance scan and prune does nothing. So, I was going to unlink it, manually delete the info in Channels. Thought it would be neatly stored in some folder but I can’t find it. I can reset up everything from scratch but before I do, maybe someone can help. Searching this forum is hard for me. I find lots of info but not exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks again for the help. Sorry

Your post is hard to follow and your goal isn't clear. Please indicate what result you would like to have, as a simple "This doesn't work" doesn't tell us what you want to actually achieve.

I read it a few times and I think I’m following you. If you remove all import sources and restart the DVR server, do they disappear then? I would expect they should.

I’m sorry to be confusing. A real newbie. I have all kinds of purple rectangles with no icons like typical movie videos have. After moving the home movies the icons stayed. I’m trying to get rid of all those home movie blank icons. I never restarted the server. I will do that after my wife’s recordings complete probably in the morning. Thanks.

In short if I do maintenance on my video library, correct a name or year, remove a video, etc. the old stuff stays there and scanning and pruning deleted items does nothing.

Under Local Content settings what is shown? Can you remove any paths you added there?

That is what I did. I scanned and pruned the link and then I clicked the trash can and removed the folder. It took a bit of time and when it finished I moved the home movie folder out of that directory folder and re-added the folder link. That is what did not work. The home listings were still there. :frowning:

Upgrade to prerelease first.

Then add the folder again and remove it again.

Will try! Thanks again!

The “fix” works on the Synology server but the icons still show on the Nvidea Shield TV Pro. Maybe this next weekend I will redo the client from scratch. Thanks for all the help! Sheldon

Delete and reinstall the app on the shield and see if they are still showing. They may be cached.