Movie Sources

Hi I am curious of the roadmap with this section. Have a few qs.

  1. Does the content play without transcoding locally so as to retain full lossless playback of video and audio. Does it use smb2 ?
  2. Im assuming remote playback uses the transcoder settings as the rest of the DVR
  3. What video and audio formats are you supporting
  4. Can I pls request Trailers to be added as part of the library view ?


  1. Yes
  2. Yes, same as normal recordings.
  3. All of the typical ones
  4. We’d like that too.

Thanks so Im assuming Atmos E-ac3 is supported ?
I use Infuse for this functionality. Anecondatlly for now I find the startup playback of a lossless UHD snappy in comparison as well as scrubbing. I'll test it out a bit more.

Obviously its a lot to do to develop a competitive media library manager but its a good start

Audio support depends on the client.

E-ac-3 is supported on Apple TV but Atmos is tricky. They don’t really let you use it without tricks. And there’s not bitstreaming out to receivers. And most videos you have with atmos are truehd which aren’t supported by Apple TV.