Movie Virtual Channels Not Working

Client: Nvidia Shield
Server: Beta 2022.07.31.2021
Logs: New diagnostic log submitted under 9f3882d7-e7b0-4e5a-99f5-0be845f312cd

Complaint: In my TV guide. My virtual channels that show movies are blank (Using smart rules). My virtual channels that show TV shows are working fine.

Steps I took to fix
Update Client to newest beta
Update server to newest beta
Check virtual channel smart setting to verify it is showing content under smart rule
Closed client and reopened
Prayed to Joe Pesci (because George Carlin told me too)

Try restarting the app via Android Settings > Apps > Channels > Force Stop

After I got home. I opened channels to see if issue was still there. And it's back to normal. Fixed itself.

So do I give you the solution credit?

Well you made channels, Channels fixed itself on its own. Ergo you fixed it. So yuppers