Movies genre folders

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The above is a screenshot of my recordings as seen on my ipad as I connect to my computer and drobo drive. It would be helpful to be able to access directly the same information on my Apple TV to choose what movie to watch from children’s movies, but on Apple TV that is not possible. Now I have 500 movies, and later maybe 2000 movies as I have set up to record all HD movies from dvb-t broadcasts.

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Check out the beta. Big changes to help with larger libraries. Including a first class Kids Section feature to clean up your library. (Description of that is at the bottom of the thread. It was just added.)

I have used Plex & Emby in the past.... both lost their way which is why I am using Channels DVR. But one thing Emby & Plex did well is let you organise your films by Genre. This is key for a people with a good number of films

Yes and Channels does that now.