Moving files to second storage location automatically

I just wanted to share the simple rsync code I setup as a task to move files from my primary storage location in Channels to my secondary once a week.

i like to run things off of SSD because im conviced things are fast and run better, and I would prefer some of my spinning drives not to constantly be on. But as the library grows the SSD can quickly fill up.

My wife and I watch things pretty fast and are not "hoarders" so we delete stuff once we watch it usually within 24-48 hours, but there are random shows that I will set to record for a rainy day, so those are the ones that I have not watched yet I want to move to my main storage for future viewing.

the below script can be setup in task scheduler (I have a synology 1520+). I am having it run once a week.

It will move all files from the main TV folder to the secondary TV storage location and then go back and delete the empty series folders on the main storage. (it doesnt look at the age of the files, but I have it running at 5am Monday morning, so most files from the past week we have already watched and deleted if we are going to watch them right away)

rsync -a --progress --remove-source-files /volume2/ChannelsDVR/TV/* /volume1/Media/ChannelsTV/TV/ && rm -rf /volume2/ChannelsDVR/TV/*

I am not saying this is the best way, but it works for me and allows me to run the most current stuff off of SSD and generally move some older stuff to regular drives.

Just wanted to share