MSG: since email to support & twitter go unanswered, my last attempt here

MSG doesnt work like my email from Friday below. I'd like to watch/record the soccer game tomorrow since i already missed one on and its reply over the weekend.

i figured i give it a third try 15 hours before kick off.


On Oct 10, 2020, at 6:03 PM, AeroR1 [email protected] wrote:

Hey guys, msg is erroring out with

invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

MSGGo and the website works.

Diagnostics: e5c202e5-fe8a-4b01-8cd7-41c9c6e3606e


Looks like major changes to their website. I will take a look but there is no easy fix.


Thanks for the update.

Thanks for looking into it. I've previously sent an email to support with some logs. I'm also available to help troubleshoot if needed.

@tmm1 MSG is now gone from the channel list are you now not supporting it?

Broken channels are removed. I don't know when or if this one can come back. Their site requires some sort of sign up the first time you use it.

thanks, but no it doesn't. the only login on is the tve login. nowhere does it ask you to make an account, even in incognito mode.

After you login with TVE, click the user profile icon at the top right of the screen next to Sign Out. Does it show a name and email?

I was able to sign in with my TVE credentials without needing to make an MSGGo profile. After initially signing in, I just ignored the profile sign up pop up, and clicked the "Watch" link again. From there I was able to choose whether to play the MSG or MSG+ feed.

(After you've authenticated, you can bypass the profile by going to

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it just shows my email because i added it for email alerts a long time ago. i have not added my first and last name. its not for login and watch purposes.

Any word? Another game I can’t record tomorrow? Thanks.

@tmm1 when you get a break from creating an image for the rPi, would a har file help you?

The site has changed in a way that makes it incompatible with how our TVE feature works, so this is not something I can quickly add back.

More code is being developed to handle cases like this better in the future, but it is not in any usable form yet.


Great, thank you! I was afraid that it was deprecated or out in the back burner due to the silence. Thanks again.

NHL and NBA are starting up again soon. Any chance MSG will be fixed in the near future?

I also would love for MSG, MSG Plus, and the others to be returned to the tv everywhere option.

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Glad I found this thread. I was looking forward to the NHL season to start and noticed MSG missing. Bummer. Hope it gets fixed soon.

A temporary solution. MSGGO's recent Android App has chromecast enabled again. But, the app freezes often.

Thanks Vinny, but I hate using the MSG Go app, I like being able to record the game and skip the commercials etc, all the features that make Channels DVR awesome.
@tmm1 with NHL Hockey starting tomorrow, any chance you guys can look into getting MSG, MSG +, and MSG +2 are all on the air tomorrow evening (1/14) so it'd be a good day to look into it at 7pm EST.