MSNBC pixelated the last week?

I am just wondering if anyone has noticed MSNBC being pixelated the last week via TV Everywhere channel? I have noticed it and yesterday during Deadline Whitehouse was to the point of almost being completely unwatchable due to the horrible pixelation. My friend, who is also using the TV Everywhere option, noticed the same exact thing with the program. Just wanted to find out if anyone else is noticing this since I don't believe it is a Channels issue?

Here is an example of the beginning of the show, and the rest was pretty much the same, Deadline: Whitehouse video

That's awesome...can we do that with all the news channels? I kid, but man news is just tough to watch these days.

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Can you check at the same time to see if it's working there?

If you hit record on the stream in Channels and then post the [MTS] entry from the log when the recording is stopped, that will help us see where the corruption is coming from

It is kind of hit and miss so far. This morning I am having zero issue with pixelation but I posted this more just to see if others are seeing this. I do believe it is a MSNBC problem rather than a channels issue.

I've been seeing this problem too in my recordings and watching live. I also assume it's a problem on MSNBC's end but haven't had time this week to check out their in-browser player to verify.

It may not be MSNBC, but I was watching the Predators game, Tuesday, on NBCSN, and the picture quality was horrible. I tried the feed from the Channels app, the one from the NBCSN app, and the one from the Spectrum app. I wasn't expecting a difference, because the origin was the same...and sure enough, they all looked the same. I had thought maybe it was Channels DVR, but that wasn't the case.