MSNBC suddenly disappeared for Lumos Fiber in Channels

I'm running Channels on a RPi with the standard image. I'm having an issue where Lumos (formerly Northstate) is saying that there's no issue with MSNBC access, but the channel has disappeared from the lineup. I tried rescanning new, rescanning all, using the "scan" button in the manage lineup view to see all the channels that it tried but couldn't get, and I'm not seeing MSNBC show up in any of that. When I go directly to MSNBC and "authenticate with your tv provider" the credentials work.

One quirky thing Lumos has going on right now is that there is a "Lumos TV (North Carolina)", which isn't the right one to pick, a "Lumost TV (Virginia)", also not the right one to pick apparently, and "Lumos TV2GO" which is the correct one to pick. I confirmed in Channels that I'm using this third one, and it sees 196 channels, so that seems to be working, but just not MSNBC. This starte about two weeks ago, maybe a little longer.

Any suggestions on things to try, workarounds that might work, things I can say to Lumos to help them help me (they had no clue what Channels was or why it wasn't listed, and apps like the NBC Roku or Google Play apps work fine, so it's not helpful from a troubleshooting perspective unfortunately), or any other thoughts and suggestions?


Yes, this is affecting everyone using TVE, check this thread: NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers

And here is a workaround brewing:

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That just popped up almost immediately after I made my post, lol. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Totally makes sense and thanks for the answer and head's up!

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