MSNBC TVE not working not working on 3/4 firesticks

MSNBC plays on AppleTV and 1/4 fire tv sticks (though with some buffering on fire tv stick). Both are connected on same TV.
MSNBC doesn’t play on firetv device or 2 other firetv sticks. Usually just keeps buffering and occasionally a playback failed error emerges on the screen. Now I know it is not the television sets or the fire devices because moving them around to the one television where I receive MSNBC playback does not resolve the problem.
I have gone to my server and checked for updates, installed pre-release updates, restarted the server, restarted the devices, and none of the steps resolve the problem. I have also re-scanned the channels.
When I open the Channels DVR app on galaxy S9 and all iPads MSNBC place without problem. This channel also plays if I open it through the NBC app or A different app. The problem is I tend not to watch shows live which means I don’t have DVR access for those tv shows. I am also not able to mirror the live show so that they play on any of the TV sets. I am hoping for a resolution for a quick solution.

There is a fix in the beta app which you can install via Settings > Support > Install Beta

Or you can change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Software


Thanks, this (Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Software) worked for 2 newer fire sticks. For one stick, after allowing apps from unknown sources, I was able to install Beta. Worked well! but I now have 3/4 that both play/livestream this channel and play the recorded content. The remaining and oldest firestick- nothing worked, I tried installing Beta. Received “Parse Error”. No problem, I’m going to replace that old fire stick. Thanks again!