MSNBC Works on web client and Android phone Client, but not Android TV client

MSNBC works on web client and android phone client. When either trying to play a recorded MSNBC show via Android TV client, or watch MSNBC Live on Android TV client, the android TV client hangs and reboots. This happens both on a Tivo Steam 4K and a Sony Android TV.

I restarted Channels DVR running on my Synology NAS and just did an update but no luck.

All other tested recordings and live TV works on Android TV client. So the problem seems to be isolated to watching either live or recorded MSNBC on Android TV client.

Any ideas?

Any difference between software and hardware video drivers?

Actually if I change the Android TV clients to software encoding, MSNBC works (live and recorded shows). Is there something unique about the MSNBC video signal?

I discovered this problem this afternoon. Without setting MSNBC to play using Software decoder, my Android TV would lock up and crash (I sent crash reports after each crash).

This issue is new as of today. No idea what happened to MSNBC.

@tmm1 - I sent crash reports this afternoon around ~5-6pm PST. Crash would only happen if hardware decoder was enabled. Switching to software decoder the problem goes away and MSNBC plays fine.

Can you make a 90s recording and email it to support

Edit: duh it's TVE I can record it myself

Is this still happening today? I just made a recording and its playing okay.

I set my Tivo Stream 4K to hardware encoding just now and played an MSNBC recording and it worked. What could have changed in the last 12 hours that would make it work w HW encoding now when it would not work 12 hours ago?

The feed has changed. Probably others reported the playback issues on other apps/devices?

Do you have an older recording from yesterday? Does it play in hardware mode?

Set the app for hardware mode and MSNBC is playing fine now.

I have a MSNBC recording from yesterday morning and it plays in HW mode.
I have a MSNBC recording from last night and it does not plays in HW mode. Live MSNBC didn't work in HW mode last night.
As of 4:51 EST today (9/9), live TV works in HW mode.

All that said, what is the difference in the user experience of using SW vs HW mode on an android TV client? Seems that SW mode works always, so what's the downside of leaving the android TB client set to SW mode?

HW mode may produce better image quality on interlaced channels.

Can you email support with the recording which does not play back?

you want me to email an entire 60 minute recording to the support email address?

I only need 5mb of it if you can use dd or find some other way to cut a byte sample.

I have the whole video file on my PC. If you can provide a hint on how to snap off 5M it would help.

So yesterday I was able to use hardware mode and today I have to use software mode. Not sure what is going on with the channel.

Same for me. MSNBC only works with SW encoder setting on Android TV client.

Fix in beta apk v2021.09.10.2337

Just updated and got Beta 109..10.2345 version. HW encoding option works now for MSNBC.
Thank you.