Multiple channels in a pass


I’m trying to set up a pass and filter it to two channels. I’ve tried using a comma to separate the two (eg: 104,110) but that doesn’t work.

Is there a way to enter more than one channel?


There is no way to enter multiple channels. Can you elaborate on why you want to do this?


There’s a show that airs on 3 channels, two are HD and one is SD and I only want to record the HD shows.


Does the show air on HD and SD channels at the same time? The DVR will automatically prefer HD channels when multiple channels are showing the episode at the same time.

Another option is to click on the “xxx channels” link under your HDHR on the DVR Settings tab, and hide the SD channel. That way the DVR will never consider that channel for recording.


No they’re different seasons on each channel unfortunately!

I guess it’s unlikely to be needed that often, but it would be nice to have that extra control.


I see…

Another option is to add a “Tags == HDTV” condition on your pass. You can do so on the web UI, by clicking the dropdown button next to the pass and selecting Advanced.


Just added that and it looks like thats going to work, thanks for your help!


I’d like to piggyback with a similar question. The Chicago Cubs games air on two OTA channels. I set up a team pass for any channel and now see that there are sometimes replays of day games on a 3rd channel later at night. I don’t want to hide that 3rd channel, but I also don’t want two recordings of the same game every time. Any ideas?


The DVR should not make two recordings of the same program/game. Does it show up on the Schedule twice?


Make sure that you select “New” on the pass, then the replay game will not be scheduled/recorded.


I have a related question. I have a formula 1 season pass.
Formula 1 has multiple parts - practice, qualifying and race.
Depending on the weekend, the race can be on ABC or ESPN or ESPN2, the qualifying on ESPN or ESPNU all of this can also be duplicated on the spanish channels. Without a filter, I get duplicate spanish and english.


I also have a bit of a situation I'd like to gracefully handle.

I put up a really good antenna and we get two NBC and ABC affiliates. Despite the good antenna, the out-of-market versions can sometimes get a little choppy (imagine!). Unfortunately, the DVR seems to want to prefer those channels.

I can hide them, but then I don't get to see them at all. Is there any way to adjust the priority of the channels so that it prefers the local affiliates when it has a choice?


If you favorite those channels on the DVR web UI, the DVR will always prefer to record from favorited stations.

You can also edit the pass on the web UI and specify a channel number to force recording from.