Multiple DVRs OK?


So I'd like to try out a couple of different DVR configurations. Is it OK to install and run a second Channels DVR server while keeping the existing DVR (on a separate computer) running as-is?

I assume I can connect my Channels DVR viewing app to either server by changing the IP address, yes?

Also, if I create or remove scheduled recordings on the second DVR, will that affect the first DVR at all?


Sure. The installations are independent and won't affect each other.


Great! Thanks.


You can also run them on the same device through docker.


Is this a new feature? I wanted to run different servers a while ago and was told it was not possible at the time.


You could always use multiple servers. The problem is that they don't pool resources, and your client can only connect to one at a time.


Also, you can only really use ONE server as the server you connect back to remotely.

Just be sure you turn off bonjour on all the servers and manually connect to them from the client with Connect To Channels DVR and manually enter their IP address. Otherwise you'll have a mess on your hands with bonjour discovering different servers and swapping them.