Multiple file operations?

When viewing recordings is there a way to selectively delete, say, 15 recordings, leaving the remainder, without having to delete each one individually? I made the mistake of deleting recordings in windows explorer, and for some reason channels dvr doesn't seem to recognize the files are gone, even after restarting the server.

No, this is not presently possible. The devs have it on their radar, but other things have taken priority it seems.

In the meantime:

That thread shows how to "teach" the server about manually deleted files from the filesystem, as well as the API endpoint to use as well.

Can you please clarify where exactly the "Prune Deleted" option is? It seems well explained from the post above, but I'll be darned if I can find it.

It would be really helpful to have a one click option like that so that the software realizes the recordings are gone from the file system.

EDIT: never mind, I see from another thread the UI option is now gone, and it appears that it had to be done PER SHOW.

you can issue the command which will remove all deleted. Powershell

Invoke-WebRequest -Method Put

Would it be possible that command would run inside the software on some interval?

You can facilitate that with a cronjob or similar, depending upon your OS.

What command could be used instead of the one Ed mentioned - in Windows 7 powershell where 'Invoke-WebRequest' isn't recognized?

Going through CDVR to delete 30 or 50 videos is a real pain in the butt, one by one.

EDIT: Nevermind. That command works with powershell on one Win 7 PC in the house, but not the other.