Multiple "SeasonNumber !=" rules not supported?

I often move my large groups of a series to my plex server after I've accumulated an entire season of a show. Today I went to do that and tried to update the advanced pass for that series so that it wouldn't keep trying to record episodes of that show from those seasons that I know I have complete in plex. When I add a rule for SeasonNumber != 7 and then try to also add one for SeasonNumber != 6 it overwrites the first rule to be 6 instead of the 7 it was previously.

I can work around it using two SeasonNumber rules with < and > operators since I'm just trying to omit season 6 and 7 but would be nice if it worked for != operators too for scenarios where you might need to omit non-contiguous seasons ( 5 and 7 for example).

Is there a way to specify a list of season number args for the single rule or is this just not supported currently?

See Advanced Passes: Multiple CONTAINS/EXCLUDES (prerelease)