Music Choice channels don't work with Channels app


I’ve been using the Channels app with my HDHomeRun Connect for a while, but recently got an HDHomeRun Prime to use with Cox cable. One thing I’ve noticed is that unlike the HDHomeRun View software and VLC, the Music Choice channels do not work on the Channels app. When I tune to one of them in the app I just get a black screen.

If you need any diagnostic info on those channels streams in an attempt to fix this, I am more than happy to supply that.



Most probably DRM, check out the channel list at from your lan.


I just checked and there is no DRM label next to any of them. Again, they work via the HDHomeRun View application as well as VLC, but just do not work in Channels. I did just install HDHRFling and tried them via that, and I get a message that says ‘not a valid m3u8 file’, so I’m thinking that however the Music Choice channels operate, they work a bit differently than regular channels. Either way, the HDHomeRun View software can do it, so if the Channels team is interested in making them work, perhaps SiliconDust can share the secret sauce with them.



Channels does play the Music Choice channels, although, Comcast is my provider.


Please email [email protected] a sample file from a music channel. You can download this by visiting the following url in Chrome, after replacing x.x.x.x with the ip of your HDHomeRun and YYY with the channel number:


So for example,


I’ve gone ahead and sent you the sample file via email.



When I got home today I decided to power cycle my Apple TV, HDHR Prime, and tuning adapter. After I did that the Music Choice channels started working in the Channels app. I’m not sure which thing fixed it, but I’m betting it was restarting the Apple TV.


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I'm having this problem with Music Choice on Cox through the Channels App.

Problem #1 - The channel 900s are the non-HD version of Music Choice and work fine on my Nvidia Shield (on a different TV), but does not work on my Sony Android TV. I just rebooted the Sony Android TV to see if that helped (nope). On the Sony Android TV it says there are no HDHomeRUns (Prime). I'm thinking it's a time out issue and its not waiting long enough. I did try these channels through the Android HDHomeRun App and they work fine on both TVs.

Problem #2 - The channel 1900s are the HD versions of Music Choice. Again, these work fine through the HDHomeRun app. They do not work on the Sony Android TV, no HDHomeRuns (Prime) found. On the Nvidia Shield (Different TV) I get the picture, but no sound (well after 10 minutes i got 1 second of sound), just a little twirling circle middle/center by the time.


Please capture some samples from the tuner for the SD and HD versions and send them to [email protected]

For instance, if your HDHR IP address is, open this url in Chrome to download 60s from channel 901:

and the same for channel 1901: