Music Choice - TVE Supported

Hello - looking at Music Choice channels, I now see they are supporting TVE:

Looking to see if there is away for Channels DVR to integrate Music Choice channels into the channel lineup, for those logins supporting Music Choice.

If someone has found away or currently is already (and I'm missing something), let me know. Thank you in advance.

Have you been able to find a website that offers the channels for live streaming? The link you gave seems to reference mobile apps, not a website:

Does Music Choice have a TVE app?

Yes! Music Choice has a free TVE app available for download on Android, iOS, and Kindle. You can find our mobile app here.

Using Spectrums website and logging in, you can watch Music Choice channels there. But you are correct, they dont have Live Channels on their website or apps, just on demand content. So I believe I answer my own question. Thank you for your help!