Music during commercials

Watching Basketball over the weekend with some friends and had an idea for a feature...

When a commercial comes on an option comes up on the screen to play music during the commercial. I envision it being like the skip commercial button.


  • Could not be live because Channels would need time to process commercials

  • Selecting to play music would leave the commercials on the screen but just take over the sound

  • In settings you would define what playlist you would like shuffled

Those are my thoughts for now. :slight_smile:

I think you're missing an important piece... Play music from where? You're talking about Channels now needing integrations with Spotify, Apple Music, etc. I'm guessing that's probably not going to happen.

Also... If you're already watching a recording with commercials processed, why not just skip the commercials?

Assuming we start with Apple TV the most native integration would be Apple Music.

Commercials when throwing a party are when everyone gets up and uses the restroom or gets a new drink. It would be awesome when throwing a party if music played during the commercials. A standout feature sure to impress.

An interesting idea but as far as I know Apple doesn’t allow third party applications to access Apple Music. Perhaps there is a way to do it with tvOS API calls though. Not sure.