Must I retune all clients

So on my HDHomeruns (2 x Quatro), I have disabled a number of channels so not included in the guide. The HDHomerun detects 149 channels and I have 29 disabled, so only 120 channels should be listed within the client apps.

On my both our Apple TVs, this figure is correct and only 120 channels listed (all the disabled channels are not shown), yet on both our Shield TVs they show 149 channels and includes the disabled channels (even has icon showing not active) and these channels are shown in the guides as well.

Must I retune the channels on all client devices to show correctly? Will retuning perform a retune on the hdhomeruns themselves or just within the channels app?
If the channels are hidden then why are they showing on the clients (only happening on the shields)

I had a similar problem with my shield. Not sure why this isn't automatically picked up, but try resyncing favorites/hidden channels using th following steps:

  • Goto Settings
  • Select Manage Sources
  • Select the first HDHome run tunner
  • Select Sync Favorites/Hidden
  • Select Import from Source
  • Select Import
  • Repeat for the second tuner
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