Must restart app to see new recordings

I have TiVo Stream 4Ks. Recordings occur overnight. I turn on TV in morning. The Channels App is not aware of new recordings that happened overnight - they don't appear in "Recent" or "Up Next". I then need to tell the Stream 4k to "force stop" the Channels App, then reopen the app then these recordings that happened overnight appear in "Recent" and "Up Next" and they play fine. Is this normal?

What version number is shown in the app?


It only works if you force stop? Not if you go to the home screen then launch channels again?

When I go to the Android TV home screen and select Channels DVR, it doesn't re-launch the app. It simply goes back to where I was last accessing it.

Yes, but it should still refresh the data.

hi, the problem has not re-occured. Will reply if/when it does.

Hi, this morning the condition re-occured. A show recorded at 7AM. The night before, the channels app was being used to watch other recordings. At the end of the night, the TV was powered off. Next morning, TV is powered up and Channels App still running. I check recent recordings and the 7am recording is not there. I goto Andoid TV interface and select Channels app ( I assume "restarting it?") and it now sees the recording. So I didn't need to force stop the app. Certainly not a bid deal, but I figured the Channels app would always be in touch with the DVR to know when new recordings happened vs having to restart the app.