MX Player, does Channels use this player

Developers: Does Channels use MX Player?
Amazon is said to be in talks to acquire MX Player, according to TechCrunch and AFTVnews.
From comments:
"I believe apps like emby, plex & channels DVR use mx player for server PC streaming to Fire TV devices."
" wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon just took down the original video player"

Emby and Plex I believe use EXOPLAYER on Android devices.

Comments are wrong.

Is different than

You do realize that "MX Player" is a generic name....being hundreds of those all throughout app stores. Clones of clones. Ones with Plus, Ultra, Max, Pro, 4K Ultra Plus etc, tagged onto the end of the name. Looking at the Apple App store, at least 10 apps just at first glance.

Back in my Android days, there was one specific MX Player Pro that I did use and very much like. But it is long gone now. And, there are superior players out there. MPV on Android, and Infuse for Apple devices.

What player does channels use?

I believe it's mpv.