My how use a different antenna channel for NBC

I just installed a new roof mount antenna which is connected to an old HD homerun.

Using the signal GH iOS app, I am able to pull in three different versions of WNYT 13, my local NBC affiliate. Only one of them seems to get a solid, consistent signal

When I do the channel scan with the channels app on iOS, it only pulls in one of these channels and it seems that it’s one of the weaker ones because the picture keeps cutting out.

Is there a way in the channels app where I can choose which WNYT channel it should use?

The HDHR firmware decides which channel to pick. If it's picking the bad one you'd need to contact [email protected]

Oh bummer.

It’s a super old HDHomeRun so I doubt there’s anything that can be done with it. But I do wonder if the newer HDHomeRun devices would allow me to choose.

Ah, yea I think only the new ones look at signal and pull the best station.

You may have better luck using the SD windows software to do the scan on your older model.

Can you tel me more about using the Ed windows software? If I scan channels with that, would that carry over into the channels software?

Yes it would carry over

Here's a link to that Windows software on SD'd site
Older HDHR tuners like yours don't keep the channel lineup from a scan in them like the newer models do, instead they send it to a SiliconDust server to keep.

Ok I’ll give that a shot and see if it helps. Thanks for the great replies!