Nagging little issue

When I go to recordings I used to highlight the recording and go to trash and afterwards the next show would be highlighted. Now after I click trash, nothing is highlighted and I have to hit the back button and then it highlights the menu and then I have to arrow over to the recording list. Something changed in an update. I know there's more pressing issues but maybe this one can be looked at

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Yep, I see that all the time it loses focus when you trash something. But this has been constant with me for many months, I don't see it as anything new.

Are you on the release version or test flight beta?

Try the beta and see if it works better for you.

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Iā€™m seeing it work correctly on both the beta and the release version. If you could provide any other ideas on how to reproduce this, it would be helpful.


I'm on the beta and like I said it happens all the time, but it's random. I'll play around a bit and see if I can reproduce how it happens.

After I click trash, nothing is highlighted. I have to left click to menu-recordings then click to list

Please record and post a video of it happening, then immediately submit diagnostics from the app.

If you can't upload the video here, please use this.

After playing around with this it seems to be random, but it does happen on a regular basis. All I can suggest is to make multiple recordings, then click watch on one, back out and trash it (same sequence over and over just like you were watching them one after another). Eventually you will see that after you trash one it will not go to the next one in the list, the focus gets lost and nothing is highlighted. You have to hit left to go back to the menu and then select recordings again.

This is all from the recordings screen, not from the library.

I'm pretty sure I've figured out the repro -> If you trash an item at the end of a section (a day) it doesn't pop focus back over to the list. Trashing any other item in a section will work.

Please see if this syncs up with what you are seeing.

Yep can confirm, that seems to be the issue. I can't make it happen all of the time on the last item for a day (like if there's only one item on a day it doesn't happen all the time), but it's pretty regular.

That's how it's happening for me as well.

BTW, let me just reiterate one more time, how much I like Channels and TVE. It's used 98% of my TV viewing. 2% is when i watch Bally Sports

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