NAS Vs Nvidia Shield as Channels DVR server

I am totally new to this and was curious to which is a more premium choice to have as my server

Looking for best choice to have my server work flawlessly like a regular cable service, or am I asking too much

Trying to get this app wife approved ha

I've been running on a Qnap NAS ( TS-253A ) for about a year with Locast, OTA, HULU and Philo sources. Recorded well over 3,600 shows (mostly series, but some movies and sports).

Has been rock solid with the only issues being either temporary internet connection issue, or with the various sources having issues (but not the fault of Channels or the NAS itself).

I do have a shield, but decided not to run there as I already have Kodi (as front end to Plex also running on same NAS). And that eats up valuable storage space.

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They both will work, but it depends on what you want out of it. The NAS will be able to do more, but there's a lot of variance in CPU and how that CPU will work with Channels' features like streaming outside of your home. The Shield will work but will be limited on the data side, so you'll have to get a hard drive to attach to it.

I personally am using Unraid as my "NAS" with Channels running in a docker. I like the NAS way over using Channels on my Shield Pro (2019).

A couple of other points.
one of the most valuable features of the DVR is remote functionality for which the NAS (dependent upon the CPU as mentioned) will be far more comprehensive. NAS also require more management as a system but at this cost give you more versatility for extensions in the future whether official or unofficial

In picking a NAS unit does 2 or 4 cores on CPU or RAM help dvr performance?? Like should I look for most possible in my budget?
Reason I am asking is I am looking at purchasing a Synology 220+ or 720+

I mean these units have clock speeds of 2.0 ghz

Any help would be much appreciated

The CPU in the 220+ has a passmark of 1946 and the CPU in the 720+ has a passmark of 3324. Both of them support QuickSync, so they’ll be able to transcode videos pretty well if you’re using hardware transcoding. Your main issue is going to be keeping up with everything else might have running if you get the 220+.

Oh ok I’ll order then720+ then

I also like the possibilities of everything else for these NAS devices

Synology makes really good devices. You should enjoy it.

I am running the DS720+ with upgraded memory and two 4T drives Raid (SHR) and it's been working really well. My next step is adding 2 x 256 gig SSD for it's two built-in M.2 SSD slots for Cache Acceleration. I don't know if that will give me any improvements but we will see. As of now I am very happy with it.

I would suggest one 1 nvme for cache. The read/write cache has bitten people.

If you can swing it, get the 920+. I promise you will want the additional bay space :slight_smile:

I bought the 720+ (added the extra 4g cache) with the video hardware processing onboard. I had the DS218+ and it just plain died on remote processing. I am still testing things out. I really didn’t have a huge reason for remote accessing beside maybe catching up on news. I did notice a rare picture hesitation and lip syncing issue but it could be coming from my HDhomeRun Quatro. I have 2 6g Seagate IronWolf ST6000VN0033 drives installed.

10/17/2020 - I did want to mentioned I ordered 1 - M.2 500g SSD to see how remote processing performs. It takes a few minutes (1-2 mins) to start a remote replay but not sure it’s my mobile connection since my tower signal is weak at my house. Generally it still works pretty good w/out cache.

10/18/2020 - update SSD install. I put a Samsung 970 EVO 500g in my 720+. WOW when I reference a recorded show from a remote location there is NO hesitation almost instantaneously starts up. Pretty impressed with the performance. This Synology 720+ NAS eats this stuff up with no hiccups.

yah i bet .. wow you got the good samsung ssd ha

thanks for all your guys info, and input i really appreciate it..
i am new to this community, and it was nice to get honest good advice.
and not just trolled on ha

i ended up getting a ds720+. couldnt afford to swing the 920+(would have been nice though)

i am new to all this server stuff, and didnt feel like i was getting the best performance from my nvidia shield as a server

plus i am pretty excited to set up my own cloud off of this server

thanks again everyone!