Navigating by OTA channel number

I just setup a universal remote to control Channels DVR on my Nvidia Shield TV. I have number buttons on my remote, so I can type a number and Channels will attempt to tune to that channel. It works great for cable channels that have an integer channel number, but it won't tune directly to OTA channels. In my guide, I have WFLD-DT channel 32.1, but there is no 32. When I type "32" on the remote, it tries to tune to "32", but I get a "Playback Failed" message. The channel name shows "TOON", which is cable channel 32 that I have hidden on my HDHR Channel Lineup, so it makes sense that it cannot tune to that channel. Would it be possible to have a remote entry of "32" default to 32.1 when there is no 32 available?

Can anyone help with this? Is it possible to tune directly to the OTA subchannels?

I don't understand why Channels is attempting to tune to a channel that is hidden.

Many remotes have a "-" or "." key (often doubling as a function key) for entering non-integer channels. What remote do you have? For example, with a Harmony brand remote, you would use the "CLEAR" button to enter a decimal point.

Channels doesn't even wait for a dash entry.

I have tried it with a couple different remotes. As soon as I hit the "-" key, Channels immediately tries tuning to the Integer channel. So if I type "32-", it tries to tune to "32" before I can enter anything else.

Sorry, I don't have any more suggestions. Will follow to see if you find a solution.

This sounds like a bug where it isn't recognizing the channel is hidden. I will take a look soon when I switch back over from Xcode to Android Studio.

Any updates on this?

  1. Why does channels attempt to tune to a hidden channel?
  2. Can Channels recognize the "-" as part of an OTA channel number to allow tuning to OTA channels?
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Like I mentioned earlier, this is due to a bug. You can try the latest alpha which has a fix: