NBC change antenna channel number

Nbc used to be channel 6000 when it was still accessible via TVE. This was the case whether TVE or if it had to fall back to my antenna. Now without nbc tve it is the local channel (36.1). Any option to get this back as channel 6000?

(You have already done a search about changing channel numbers, right?)

Most people want to go the other way around, but what you want is possible.

Search the forum for remap, and you will find many threads about this very topic.

You can use channel collections and place it wherever you like in the guide. Channel number doesn't matter.

Thanks for the helpful response! I set this up but when I go to the guide, I don't see an option for the new channel collection I created. The only place I found was in settings and was for quick guide.

Ahh you just need to go under the clients section of the webui and enable collections and then set their order