NBC Sports RSNs: Stream Not Available

Are these the same links as what the NBCSports App uses? I was able to log in using that, link my Fubo subscription and watch NBC Sports Philly that way. It didn’t appear to be a loop and it had a guide showing the same programming and times as if I had a Comcast box for cable.

Any way to find and use those streaming links within Channels?

@tmm1 What about using vlc-bridge to get around all obstacles?


Looks like they are DRM dash streams? That's a bummer, it seems like more and more channels are moving that direction.


This is really bad. I love this app, but this is foundational for me.

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The more this stuff changes the more of a legacy product it will be to those that want to have a real DVR solution.

Having issues with Youtube TV and NBC Sports Boston as well. I see on their website that the live stream schedule is just for the Celtics game tonight at 6:30PM and Sunday at 12PM. Is it possible they're only live streaming via TVE the Celtics games and not just a 24/7 live stream? I guess I can check later this evening.

I agree. I do have Youtube TV, but I use Channels to output to TiviMate for multiscreen. Having the Celtics, Bruins and other screens in a multiview arrangement is key and one of the best uses for me for Channels DVR.

Hi there,
I don't know if vidgo offers rsn streams.
would be good to have that new guy create the vlc-bridge docker for Stremium.
We make a mass contribution, and a lot of some headaches will be gone.
We connect Channels to Stremium and let their cloud do all the hard decoding.

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Any updates on the NBC Sports RSNs? With the NBA playoffs coming up, I need NBC Sports Bostons feed.

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You should probably start planning for another way to watch the playoffs. Since the streams are now DRM protected it is unlikely this ever comes back. :frowning:

At least for the playoffs TNT/ABC/ESPN are still available

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Understandably, it's a cat-and-mouse game, and ABC/ESPN/TNT will be plenty for the NBA playoffs, dealing with going back to the NBC Sports app/web for the rest. I hope something can be figured out over the summer, but if not, it's time to hunt for alternatives again :disappointed:

Any chance of an open source solution similar to ESPN+ ?

Hi there,
Getting the video stream isn't the issue.
The issue is being able to decode and work with DRM formats.
The ESPN+ docker doesn't decode video. If they decide to encrypt the streams, we will need to move on.

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Thank you for the explanation. I wonder if it’s just a matter of time before all TVE channels move to this format. Anything they can do to throw a wrench in it and control the way we consume content…

It appears that SNY may have gone as well although that could be a geolock thing for me.

2023/04/12 11:08:32.500066 [HTTP] | 200 |    1.225147ms | | PUT      "/devices/ANY/channels/6162/hls"
2023/04/12 11:08:32.730265 [ERR] Failed to start stream for ch6162: TVE: Stream Not Available
2023/04/12 11:08:32.761539 [HTTP] | 200 |  2.289236399s | | GET      "/devices/ANY/channels/6162/hls/master.m3u8?abr=false"
2023/04/12 11:08:32.787776 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6162-dANY-ip127.0.0.1: TVE: Stream Not Available
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