NBC TVE could not start stream error

I am getting the below when trying to watch NBC TVE through Hulu and YouTube tv. This has been going on for a about a week. I am eventually able to get it to stream but lately not the case. I submitted logs not to long ago but the below us what I am getting. Every other tve channel works fine. Streams fine on NBC.com with either login.

2023/03/07 19:16:40.538043 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Hulu ch6000 KXAN: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: tvenbcaffgroup2-x.akamaized.net: get https://tvenbcaffgroup2-x.akamaized.net/v1/master/8731b4a01f4c78c237c9c596da70a09cf1742ab7/PROD_NBC_AFFILIATE_G2_PASSTHROUGH/master.m3u8?aws.sessionId=04adb388-b4dd-4c16-8f50-bc88c26d3940&hdnts=exp=1678238314~acl=/v1/master/!/Content/~hmac=241a44a399817d3e92cd90c8483148b5fdc0560405889d0e8033541f6206b4ae: 504 Gateway Time-out
2023/03/07 19:16:49.748199 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6000 KXAN: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: tvenbcaffgroup2-x.akamaized.net: get https://tvenbcaffgroup2-x.akamaized.net/v1/master/8731b4a01f4c78c237c9c596da70a09cf1742ab7/PROD_NBC_AFFILIATE_G2_PASSTHROUGH/master.m3u8?aws.sessionId=e3998c47-0f59-49b8-a8b7-052991d27d68&hdnts=exp=1678238323~acl=/v1/master/!/Content/~hmac=e8f677456ce646c0a5722e062f7990fea40c1390affa5eebae039d3177205756: 504 Gateway Time-out

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Any ideas on why just ths channel is giving this error?

Means the akamai CDN server that Channels is getting the stream from is having issues communicating with it's upstream source.
Nothing you can do but try later, or try using a different DNS.

Okay, thanks for the info. I tried a different DNS earlier today but same result. I guess I'll wait a few days to see what happens.

@tmm1 based on other post it looks like this might be something you can resolve. Can you take a look when you get a chance. I am in Austin and have tried multiple DNS and am back on my providers (att) DNS.

Still happening. I have changed DNS mutliple times, removed my Nest Wifi and plugged straight into my Uverse modem and still same error. Is this what it is or is there somehting that can be done to fix this?

I just wanted to bring this back up as its still happening. I saw another post about CSPAN having the same issue and the team fixed it.

@tmm1 anything I can do to resolve this?

Sorry its not in our control. NBC is working fine for me and other users.

Okay, thanks for the reply. Just didn't want to be spinning wheels on something there is no fix for.

Also started having this issue with NBC and MSNBC after updating to 2023.04.16.0234.

2023/04/19 18:10:45.653701 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Hulu ch6050 MSNBC: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: tvecable-web-y.akamaized.net: get https://tvecable-web-y.akamaized.net/v1/master/8731b4a01f4c78c237c9c596da70a09cf1742ab7/PROD_ONEAPP_WEB_DAI/master.m3u8?aws.sessionId=5cf0986f-cac2-4bb5-bb51-09f578630d36&hdnts=exp=1681963964~acl=/v1/master/!/Content/~hmac=da86d4a5b09e858cedde3be840eb9d19de34508d4a9253cd9d2becd1066524cd: 504 Gateway Time-out

See NBC, NBC Sports, NBCU Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers

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