NBCSN-BayArea notAuthorizedLocation


I live in SF Bay Area and I am using my DirectTV login for my TVE. My DirectTV package subscribes to NBCSN and I can see NBCSN Bay Area in the Direct TV app but in TVE channels, it is saying notAuthorizedLocation. I am not sure how the GeoLocation is setup in Channels DVR but it is enabled in my Google Chrome browser. I am running the latest pre-prelease and rescanned the channels with no luck. Should I be getting this channel?

Logs: 18d5e4dc-6913-4fc5-a19a-b6298a95b5ec
Pre Release: 2020.12.20.2318
My TV subscriber is Direct TV


I am also currently having notAuthorizedLocation issues for NBCSN-Bayarea and NBC-California. Both of these channels were working a few days ago. I currently have the DVR installed through Docker on Unraid. These channels do work through their appropriate websites.


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Same issue here. Running server on Windows 10, channels work through appropriate websites.

FIXED - as of 11/28 evening.