Nebula Mars projector

I just got a Nebula Mars and would like to install Channels if it’s possible. I think I need to side-load the APK, but I’m not able to find it. I see there is an app for sale in the Google Play Store, and since I’m a paid Apple user I’m wondering if I still have to pay for the Android version.

Unfortunately there’s no way to share purchases across Apple and Google stores.

If the projector runs Android TV you should be able to install the app from the Play Store and get a similar experience as the Apple TV.

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Thanks for the reply. I suspected that was the case, but thought I would check.

@jstockton I just ordered the Nebula Mars II. Great deal on amazon today! Were you ever able to install Channels on yours?

@mikesalz Let us know how it works out!

@tmm1 The projector arrived a few days ago. Channels DVR was available in the Google Play store (Our house is 100% apple, so using Google Play was new to me). It installed with no issues and works perfectly. It is very cool to watch live TV on a 100+ inch screen!