Need Help Please Channels app cannot find server

WHile I was away my wife said the TV stopped working. Using Nvidia Shield. Getting a message that Channels cannot find the server. (DS220Plus). Rebooted Shield.... no help. Other apps (Netflix, YouTube all functioning normal.

I would take it you rebooted the nas and router?

I did reboot NAS but not router. I'll try that. Additional info...
I found the NAS drives were full. Completely out of space. I deleted some of the files to make room but it didn't change anything.

Also I would make sure this setting is checked on the DVR Settings page. Or maybe uncheck and re-check it. This is how your app finds the server. Or maybe on the app side you can type in the ip address to see if it will connect that way.

Where can I find the DVR settings page? I cannot access the DVR ADMIN page from my computer.

Its usually the IP of your nas but at port 8089. But if the server software isn't loading then that is your issue and you might have a corrupted install of your DVR server ;-(

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