Need Remote Suggestions - Tivo 4k Stream

So, I lost the remote to my Tivo 4k Stream. A replacement is $20. Are there any other suggestions that people might have as alternatives?

My goal is to simulate the experience of traditional Cable with the remote. I've seen people programming custom remotes, but I'm not sure how that works exactly. Never really done it. Are there ways to take a 3rd party remote & program different buttons to do micro actions within the Channels app? Open up the guide, the library, etc?

My eventual goal is to get an Nvidia Shield and hopefully be able to get the same experience as the 4k stream with a 3rd party remote.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I found the SofaBaton U1 a decent replacement.


Awesome! I'll take a look at it. Thank you.

The Android TV remote works on the stream. It lacks TV power and volume control, but other than that I like it better than the Tivo remote. Oh, and it's free.

I'm using this in the mean-time. It drives me nuts. I now have to deal with 3 remotes instead of 1.

Android TV Remote for the Tivo
TV Remote for the TV
Soundbar Remote for the Soundbar.

My soundbar can be changed to the same settings as my TV so that volume works with the TV remote.

I've been using Rii MX3 on 2 Chromecast/Google TVs, a Shield TV Pro, and a Channelmaster CM7600. It has 4 keys that can be programmed for devices that require an IR remote. I don't use a sound bar regularly, so you may not find the 5 keys adequate.

You can also program some of the bluetooth keys to perform functions such as direct access to Channels app or other streaming apps using the Android tv button mapper app.

Pick up a used Logitech companion remote with hub. If it were Backlit, it'd be perfect, but you'd have all the button options you want.

You can also take it one step further and get the older Logitech Ultimate One with the screen. It's lackluster compared to the newer Elite, but as a much more comprehensive remote than the lil peanut, it's fantastic on its own. And you have ultimate control of the rest of your system as well.

How do you even use a third party remote with the TS4K?

Unless you have that setup where you have a powered usb hub attached to it and connect a usb dongle remote? (I use the usb port on the thing solely with a C to A adapter and a wired ethernet adapter)

The thing has a Bluetooth settings, but I have never gotten it to see ANY bluetooth device, tried speakers, headphones, all in pairing mode and seen by every other device i have...nothing works on the TS4K. Thought i read that they disabled the bluetooth so that it can only see tivo remote or something,

Speaking of the tivo remote, how the heck do you re-program the thing should you need to change the IR setup to control a different tv or sound bar volume? I do not see that option anywhere like my Shield has easy to find. I got a different tv and a different brand sound bar on the thing now, and can't use the tivo remote to change volume anymore.

You must have a defective unit, as I was able to regularly use BT speakers with the TS4K with no issues. Pairing was perfectly normal, just as with any Android device.

If you need more help with the TS4K, I suggest you check out the forums over at TiVo Community.

I tried asking there...and they banned me claiming they detected spam or bot activity. tivo support and community sucks

also, i have tried 4 other units over the last year or so, co workers and friends., none of them see any bt devices. Friend said it used to work but an update broke it.

I rarely touch the thing, my mother uses it on her bedroom tv...

I've connected all kinds of things via bluetooth to it.

Well, i will have to take your word for it...even the demo at Walmart won't see any devices...anyway, that is getting off topic.

I can only assume they mean to use a usb hub to add a remote.
I do that with my Shield.

I have the TS4k on the living room TV my Mom uses. She does not get along with gadgets so that was one of the challenges with setting it up for her to use. She wants a simple remote and these days so many of the universal remotes are covered with poorly marked buttons. I used a Flirc to get around that. Since the Stream has two USB ports (one micro and one USB c) I use the micro for power and the C (with an adapter) for the Flirc. I found an IR learning remote that had fairly well marked buttons. The reason I went for learning was I could find no way to get the Flirc to control volume. So I taught the learning remote the actual volume controls for the TV and all of the other IR is paired with controls related to changing channels, power on, etc. Out of curiosity I tested it with a more complex remote and you can pair just about any function with an IR remote button if you have them to spare. I use the regular TS4k remote when I'm in there but Mom has her comfortable remote for what she wants to do.

The Google remote app I linked above will connect either over your network or by BT. If it can't connect via the network it will try to connect by BT, and that will cause a pairing code to pop up on the screen.

New to the party here.
15+ years of Tivo and I am converting.

Find and Download Buttom Mapper.

I like keeping the android TV home page with the program circles to the left and the suggested content to the right. So, I disabled the tivo stream page, and remapped the Tivo button to be "home" instead of that little circle.

I then remapped "guide" to bring up "channels".

Doesn't look like a Tivo stream anymore neither the new Chromecast GoogleTV.

Made it very spouse friendly during the transition.

Now I just gotta find someone to buy my LT 13tb Bolt Vox, LT Roamio 500gb OTA and M2M Roamio and all the minis. :smiley:

I did lose harmony connectivity on my hubs and haven't been able to get it back. Went through all the troubleshooting steps and pretty much have done everything short of starting it from scratch. I'm guessing the android version update might have caused the issue. So now I use the harmony to control everything but the ts4k until I want to take the time to start it all from scratch.