Need Remote viewing guide


I have to say that I am very pleased with Channels DVR! It has been running like a champ (with the exception it refuses to record General Hospital so can't drop Hulu yet lol) and I am enjoying it.

Now I feel I am ready for the next step. Well for the wife anyway as I do not leave home but she does. I would like her to be able to watch her recorded movies when not at home.

So, I need a step by step guide/how to. I need it from step one. I already looked for a guide but could not find one.

Thank You.


I'm a relatively new user, but perhaps that gives me a unique perspective. Getting remote viewing set up was relatively simple:

  • In the DVR settings (yourcomputerip:8089/admin/settings) and confirm that all Remote DVR settings are enabled

  • You can quickly test if everything is working correctly by going to on your computer - ensure your are NOT on your home network when you try this.

  • Assuming the above step worked, install the app on your remote viewing device. While NOT on your home network, go to the settings tabs, and choose the option to log into your Channels DVR. You should then have access to the guide, recorded shows, etc.

That should be it!


Thank You so much! No way I could go off my home network on my tablet to test as I am disabled and can not drive. BUT! I did install it to my phone and then turned off wifi forcing it to use my cell plan. It worked! I installed it to my wifes tablet. (the one who will be using the app) There is wifi where she works so I told her as soon as she is on break to call up the app and see if it works. Her tablet connects to the work wifi automatic.

Thank You again!


Rats! She's at work and just called. She gets an error that tuner is not responding or when she tries to start a movie it says not availible. :frowning:


If it worked when your phone was on cellular and it's not working for her on her work WiFi, then perhaps her employer's firewall is disallowing it?

Have her go to a McDonald's or other nearby restaurant, etc. that offers free WiFi and test it from there. If that works, then you know. (Have her double-check that she actually has Internet connectivity from wherever she tests by going to some random web site with her browser.)


Thank You. Tonight when she gets home I feel the urge for some McDoubles coming on. I will have her take me to Mickey D's and try it myself. Well, strike that I am slow cooking beans and sweet cornbread for tonight. Tomorrow night will go out to eat and see if I can get it working for her. Thank You.