Nest Integration?

Is there a integration to watch channels DVR on google nest hub max ? Is there any way to see who’s at the front door with nest hello door bell while watching channels DVR App on TV?

Are there any way to add smart home features into the channels app? It would be amazing if you can do everything in this one app.

Is there any way to change the color of the interface? I would like to change it to red or moss green

If the hub has a web browser there’s a chance you’ll be able to use the web interface if channels.

Accessing your best camera is unlikely. I don’t think google allows direct connections to the camera outside of their apps. I use Ring cameras and they don’t. Somebody will correct me if that is incorrect.

No way to change the color scheme at this time, although it has been requested numerous times. I don’t think the devs are opposed to it, it just hasn’t gotten high enough on the priority list.

If there is a way, I would have thought it would be via Home Assistant - using this to link the various aspects - I have all my various Fire TVs and Channels apps status in there, along with my IP cams (although I don't have Nest cams).

For example, it might be possible to detect something from a door bell in Home Assistant, then write some rules/scripts/automation to load an app on your device to play the video stream... assuming it can of course. Not directly in the app, but a round-about-way of achieving something similar.

It looks like Home Assistant can only grab still frames from Nest:

However, if there is an App on your device (whatever it is you use to watch Channels), chances are you could trigger a loading of that app, when someone is at the door/motion detected etc, if the Channels is playing a channel.

For me, Home Assistant is the glue that links the various aspects together.

Looks like there is something similar for Ring:


Please note that downloading and playing Ring video will require a Ring Protect plan.