NetGear Router

Hey Folks - We are on our 2nd router. Seems like we are never able to login using for some reason....has anyone else had this issue? We are sure that the computer is signed onto the wifi of this router because channels can only work when the computer is connected that way...Curious if anyone else has had this issue with netgear routers?

Thanks a bunch!

We're on an old Netgear router here with no problem. Server and TV clients on wired connections, phone/tablet clients on Wi-Fi, all no problem.

Can you elaborate on this? Often the .1 address is used by the router itself, so that’s not going to be the IP address of your DVR server…

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Are you trying to access your local Channels IP address? If that is the case, use and it will forward to your local Channels IP.

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Do an ipconfig from a cmd prompt and verify your ip address. I might be wrong but usually netgear hands out addresses. So basically you need to verify the subnet that the router is on.

This may be of some help...