Network error when viewing OTA channels

I have an issue I can't figure out how to resolve. I have a TS4K (de-Tivo'ed) with a Sandisk 64 GB USB-C flash drive. The flash drive is formatted as internal storage. When I have the Channels DVR app loaded on the flash drive, when watching OTA channels I get lots of popups telling me there is a network error for my OTA source and the picture often freezes. When I move the Channels app to my TS4K's internal storage, everything works perfectly. The flash drive is the fastest one I could find and it should be able to easily handle the read/write requests. I only experience this issue on OTA channels and my streaming media plays just fine. My OTA signal strength is in the 70's and 80's and my HDHomeRun is an old CONNECT model (HDHR4-2US). I was curious if anyone else is having a similar problem with running the app on a flash drive. I bought the flash drive so I could have a large buffer but using the internal storage I only get about 9 minutes of buffer.

Sounds like a bandwidth issue. OTA content uses far more bandwidth than streaming, and it sounds like you might be running into issues with this limitation.

I thought about that, but if it were a network bandwidth issue then the issue would be the same whether I was using the internal storage or the flash drive. I also did a speedcheck in the app and it shows a latency of 3.28 ms and a download speed of 213 Mbps between my TS4K and my server.