Networking Issue

Remote Access

Outgoing connections are coming from 98.XX.176.XX but the external IP of the router is 100.XX.249.XX.

I have Starlink router/modem in bypass mode with a TD Delco X20 mesh router setup connected via ethernet cable. The Delco is set to dynamic IP and showing a public IP of the 98.XX.176.XX however the Starlink is showing the 100.XX.249.XX, how would I resolve this?

I'm wondering if the IP is the issue. Mine can't see my external IP at all but it still works. Did you set up a port forward on the TD Delco?


Yes I did, didn't change anything.

Starlink uses CGNAT which cannot support port forwards.

Was not aware of this :man_facepalming:, quick Google search guides me to Anyome use this before?

Simple solution would be to install Tailscale on your server and remote device

Thanks! I'm going to look into this. I'm currently running Channels on TrueNAS.