New 2019 Shield Pro freezing

I'm running Channels DVR on an HP Workstation, one HD Homerun Connect, and primarily use an Nvidia Shield 2017 as the client, it has worked great for as long as I've had this setup. During last week's Amazon Prime days event I purchased a Shield 2019 and I'm having an issue with it, when watching a channel from the Homerun, out of the blue the channel will freeze and drops the channel, I have the same channel playing on my 2017 Shield at the same time and it keeps on playing. I have compared the settings and permissions between the two Shields and I can't find anything different. This morning I factory reset the 2019 Shield, re-installed everything and the same thing happens randomly. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Sounds like a network connection issue. Are both devices on WiFi? Can you try a wired connection?

Also disabling/removing the "Live Channels" app may help. It will try to randomly connect to your HDHomeRun in the background and can cause problems.

Both Shields are on wifi right now, I usually use a wired connection, but unfortunately I can't do that right now. I disabled Live Channels but it still happens occasionally, this morning it went for just about 4 hours on one channel before it froze and dropped the channel.