New Android TV Box Issues with Channels DVR

Apologies is this should go elsewhere or if it's already been discussed. I did a quick search, but found nothing that matched my situation. Closest was a thread on Locast....

I just added a new Android 11 TV box to my setup. Added Channels WholeHome DVR app and configured. Several things are happening on my 2009 Vizio LED TV....

1.) Resolution in Channels DVR app is much smaller than on Fire TV
2.) Channel logo column is truncated (too thin).
3.) Antenna channels often play audio only without any video. (includes playback of recorded shows).
4.) Channels over Philo stream appear to be unaffected (including recorded shows).

Any thoughts?

What Android box? Is it actually running Android TV or is it regular Android OS?

For video playback issues, you can change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder: Software

Hi @tmm1,

It's a Chinese box from Amazon. Described as "Android TV Box" X88 Pro 2 Ultra HD 8K. Should have 8GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. I bought it because of the included LAN connectivity. Was hoping that would help resolve some issues with Fire TV.

I just changed the Video Decoder to Software and one of my local channels (antenna) came back on. I'm about to check others. I don't think the channel guide has changed in any measurable way. The print is still small, columns truncated. Could be a minor issue if everything else works well.


Channels doesn’t support Android boxes that don’t run Android TV. Those are just running the Android tablet interface.