New antenna channel


There is a new antenna channel in my demographic it is 12.4 court tv, can I get guide data for this channel


Do you see guide data in the official HDHR app? If so, open the DVR web UI and click the circle refresh icon under the HDHR.


They don’t have the data yet the channel just started today apparently, do I need to contact silicon dust


Yes email them at [email protected] with your HDHR device ID.


I noticed the same today. Saw it goes live tonight at midnight even though it’s technically already broadcasting previews. I was able to tune it in and watch it just fine, but Channels doesn’t have a mapping for it, I guess. That’s the best term I know to use. Nothing on the “right side” in the channel picker matches it. I’ll give it some time for them to update the guide, I’m sure plenty of others are reporting this as well so I will be patient. :blush:


So as of today the guide was still not showing data for this new channel. I checked in the HDHomeRun app, and it was showing guide data. So, I manually clicked the refresh button next to the tuner in the DVR settings page. Now the guide has updated and the channel is showing properly. Is that something that would have happened on its own eventually, or is there possibly a bug?


I filed with sd and they got the information updated in their guide and then I refreshed my DVR and the guide data was there. It worked fantastic