New Apple tv 4k?

Just a tv watcher. Not into the Apple exo system. I have the Spectrum remote and Harmony. Any reason to upgrade. Some have said it has better PQ, not sure if that's true.

What would you be upgrading from?

2017 model 4k

I’d say if you already have the prior 4K the upgrade will not buy you much. A bit more speed, Dolby atmos support (if you care), but I think that’s about it…

60fps 4K is the main driver, which hasn't been seen in excess, yet. You would also upgrade to the newer remote, which is meh, in my mind - still prefer my harmony.

I love love love the new remote (works best if your A/V setup is CEC-capable and not too complex.)

I bought the new Siri remote and use it on the previous gen AppleTV 4K. Works great.

The 2017 has Atmos support. I thought the 4k upscaling was supposed to be better

I haven’t noticed much of a difference on my 4K TV, honestly. I do like the new remote.