New ATSC3 market - only one of 4 channels got guide data (Hartford)

Happy day in our household, as we can finally get the majority of Hartford on the WCCT lighthouse!

Pretty sure this is just me being impatient for the guide data to catch up, but only WTNH mapped correctly on 108.1. The other 3 (WFSB on 103.1, WCCT on 120.1 and WTIC on 161.1) have no mapping or guide data yet.

...wanted to post, on the chance i'm wrong about this being only a timing issue.

You can check if its mapped in the official HDHR app, and once its fixed there use Sync Station Mapping on your DVR

Thanks for confirming these are up and running! I wanted to see if I got them, but at 75 miles away and my antenna pointing in the near opposite direction, it does not look like I'll pick them. Guess I'm back to waiting for closer markets!

yep - still not mapped on HDHR app, so I'll bug them with my impatience.