New Beta DVR


The newest Beta DVR will not give me access to the web page. I had to revert back to the 05.08.0508 version . Any help would be apreciated.


What platform? Any messages in the Log file?


Do you have it installed into system tray or as windows service?


Just wanted to add that I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and Shift Clicked to get the DVR update to version 2019.05.10.0526.

Works for me on a Synology NAS running Linux.

Had no reason to update othere than to see if it worked.


I tested on multiple Windows machines as well as Linux and Mac and it's fine.

Need more details about which version and what happened.


Just says Downloading and nothing else happens. If I refresh the page I get a blank web page saying something to the effect to check proxy and firewall settings. I then revert back to 05.08. This is when trying to update to the latest Beta.


I need to see the Log file from c:\programdata\channelsdvr\data\channels-dvr.log after you update and it doesn't load anymore


will try to update now


How do I send you the log file?


Never mind it's now working. Thanks for your help.


You can email the log file to [email protected]

Maybe it still has the messages from the previous try and I can see what happened.