New Beta Features added?

I want to know how to use the new features added the last few beta releases, I have tried to setup but it does not seem to do anything ?

How to get Live TV to go directly to the channel I selected when the APP is started as well as the other new features ?

Can someone give me directions how this is suppose to work ?


I have the same question. I set it to go to Live TV and picked a channel, and regardless of how I launch or relaunch the Channels app (even after rebooting the AppleTV) it still just launches to “On Now,”

I also would like to know what the “Default” option in these settings means in this context.

Sorry, I didn’t get to write an article about this yet.

Default means it does what it used to. It remembers your last section and launches to that.

After picking the section you want it to start on, you can also choose if this happens on just initial cold app launch, or everytime you open the app after being backgrounded.

If you choose for it to auto switch on resuming from background, it does not do it right away. It only does it after being backgrounded for more than 60 seconds. This prevents the annoyance of switching apps just for a moment and it opening to live tv.


Here's an article about how Start Up works

@maddox Just trying to make sure I understand this... How is app launch defined? Assuming the app was being used at some point, would a subsequent launch only occur if the app is force closed? Or perhaps opening the app after an Apple TV reboot?

Set Section on : Choose App Launch to only show the Start Up Section when the app is first loaded. Choose App Launch & Resume to have it show the Start Up Section when the app is first loaded AND when the app resumes from being backgrounded.

"launching" the app can happen 2 ways.

  1. App starts up from scratch, was not backgrounded.
  2. App resumes from being backgrounded.

This is how apps work on iOS and tvOS. You'll know it started from scratch because you'll see the loading screen with the logo.

If you chose the first option, the the only time the section is forced is when you first open the app. If you leave the app, and come back to it (and it hasn't been force closed by the system), it will not force the section.

If you choose the second option, it will do the above, as well as force the section when you open the app up again after being backgrounded. BUT, it only does it if you've been away from the app for more than 60s.

Scenario 1: You start up the app and it hasn't been used for a while so it's starting from scratch, it will automatically go to the section you chose.

Scenario 2: You are in the app, and leave it to do something else like go to Settings. You come back less than 60s later and it does not force the section you set.

Scenario 3: You are in the app, and leave to watch something on netflix. You come back to Channels and it forces the section.

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