New Bluetooth Remote Option (Spectrum Siri Remote)

Just saw a new bluetooth remote option is being released with a guide button and media controls, has an accelerometer and back-lit keys. It doesn't seem like it will be available to purchase by end users. @tmm1 @maddox is this something you would consider looking into and possibly offer for sale to Channels users?


Looks like Spectrum is now offering this remote to its customers for $12. They list the Channel and Guide buttons as "exclusive" to their app. @tmm1 @maddox Thoughts on getting the to work with Channels?

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Salt has a “2.0” version of their original IR remote that is also now this design from Universal Electronics, with Bluetooth. I’d be very intrigued if the guide and channel navigation buttons work with Channels.

I just received a few of these and love them, can't be beat for $12 (if you can find a way to get one through Spectrum).


  1. Bluetooth connection with voice
  2. Backlit buttons that slowly light up when the remote is moved
  3. Dedicated power button (same as the new Apple remote)
  4. Dedicated FF/RW and Channel Up/Down buttons
  5. Much larger than the old remote style and slightly larger than the newer style


  1. No touch/swipe controls (if you prefer that method)
  2. The "GUIDE" button is proprietary *
  3. Spectrum logo at the bottom of the remote

*@tmm1 are diagnostics able to capture the keypress from the guide button and if so could it be mapped with Channels?

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I received one today thanks to @johnluber. Will investigate this week to see if the other buttons can be integrated.


This is really cool- I have to see if I can get one somewhere

Support for this remote has been added in the next TestFlight beta build.


I assume this means you were able to map the Guide button? Has apple ever made it possible to launch a specific app with a bluetooth command?

Awesome! I’ll try it ASAP. Thanks!

Hey @tmm1- finally got a chance to try this and it works nice! Thanks!

I had thought that the guide button should take you back to the main guide but I kind of like that it goes to the quick guide.

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