New build


After testing ChannelsDVR with UNRAID and finding a solid configuration that utilizes Intel Quick Sync, I am now putting together a box SPECIFICALLY for ChannelsDVR, that does not involve using old/used hardware.

I'm trying to put together something that is stable, wall-mountable and is as small as possible.


-i5-9400 CPU (clearly I do not want the F series CPU's as they do not have the iGPU needed for transcoding)
-1TB WD Blue hdd (should be plenty)
-4GB of RAM (the old desktop I repurposed for my parents has 8GB, and I am finding that to be complete overkill).
-ASUS Prime H310T thin mini-ITX board
-Luna Design DNK-H chassis (awesome chassis, comes with fan, heatsink and 150w power supply built brick...

This should all piece together something about the size of a Mac Mini, but with the freedom of configuring it how you want, AND be under $550. I do not want a Mac Mini because it starts at $800 and comes with a weaker i3 CPU and has entirely non-swappable SSD storage (of which you do NOT WANT for media hosting/dvr'ing).

So what are your thoughts?


Quick update.....just changed the CPU to an i3-8100. A Hex-core CPU might be a bit overkill for 4 transcoding sessions if it has the most current Intel iGPU for transcoding, and it saves me about $70.

Total cost of this build is shaping up to be $430 (and that's WITH the $60 UNRAID license)


Just acquired the chassis for this build (they get made in small batches.

Little by little I will acquire parts.