New channel DABL TV

We are getting a new channel in our lineup, it's DABL. Prior to that, channel 13.3 was Movies!.

How long does it typically take for the guide to show the new data and channel logo? I have refreshed the guide and it still shows the old data.

I've had this happen once before and it took months for the guide data to change. I never said anything because that channel never mattered to me, but I'm interested in this new channel.

Is this even something you guys deal with, or should I be contacting someone else?


Does guide data show in the official HDHR app?

No, it shows the old network still too.

I notice this last week I think on my OTA Channel Line up. It is on 2.3 which is a CBS channels.

Is this a channel you would normally add to the 6700 group?
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