New channels appear in guide, but I don't want them

How do I stop new channels from appearing in the TV guide? For example, I have CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox as my favorites and disabled all the other channels the tuner picked up. A couple of days later, the tuner finds (some how and I did not tell it to scan for channels) I have new channels that I need to go through and disable again. Maybe the reception was better or the moon was full or something but they get added to the guide automatically confusing users from which CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox channel to choose… I guess eventually my tuner will find all the channels it can detect and then it’ll stop adding, but still… Thanks!

Oh and BTW, I will argue till I’m blue, but I’ve tried all the PVR setups, OTA setups, this streamer that streamer, Roku, FireTV, this STB that STB, Plex, SageTV, Nvidia, MediaPortal, OpenPVR, Neuros, Mediacenter, etc. and HDHomerun combined with Apple TV and Channels and DVR is by far the most stable, user intuitive, wife proof/friendly, setup I’ve ever experienced - it just works and thank you!


This is a “feature” of the hdhomerun firmware where it automatically scans in the background. AFAIK there’s no way to turn it off. You should email [email protected] with your feedback.

I complained about this several times on the HDHomerun forums to no avail. Over time both my tuners seem to have found every possible weak signal from a hundred mile radius around my house. I have disabled all of the ones I don’t want and haven’t had any new ones appear in quite some time. I never found any other workaround…

The biggest problem with this, especially when I tried out the HDHomerun DVR app, was that a new weak channel would get added and then their DVR would try to record from it. This would result in an unwatchable recording.

I did just look and when setting up favorites on the Channels DVR web interface you can specify which channel to use for recordings. I had to type in the channel number. For example, I have 2 different CBS affiliate stations in my lineup and when I set up a Favorite for Survivor the DVR defaulted to using both stations 2.1 and 7.1. However, I was able to pick to use 2.1.

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I’ve hit this problem also with a tuner picking up a PBS station in Santa Rosa (a good distance from Palo Alto). PBS is particularly problematic when one’s pass doesn’t specify a channel because shows tend not to air at the same time across PBS stations; hence one’s favorited PBS channel won’t be picked if that channel airs the show later.

Then one has the problem of diagnosing the above issue since channels doesn’t want to tell you the channel and time of the recording.

I'm having the same issue with OTA HRHR Quatro. I assume the only solution even today is to just keep disabling unwanted channels as they appear.