NEW: Channels for Android TV

Channels is ALMOST available for Android TV!

We've secretly been working on an Android TV version of Channels, and plan to launch this new app on the Play Store soon. To make sure it's ready for prime-time, we've invited a few Channels fans to help us beta test.

Channels for Android TV currently only supports live TV (yes of course that means buffer and playback controls!) at the moment. It won't launch with support for Channels DVR, but we'll be working hard to get in there and you can be sure it will support it.

Install the beta via and leave your comments and feedback below. We'd especially love you to give the buffer (pause, play, rewind) a beating so we can get all the bugs out before launch. Thanks!!

cc @apk-beta

Hi, I just want to confirm business model here:

Android TV platform $24.99 one time, all devices connected to that account t
IOS platform $14.99, one time all iOS devices within account/family share
Dvr backend service $8/month

Is that correct?

Also, play store shows I need to buy for $24.99 even under beta testing program. Confirming that’s correct as well.

You’d get more testers if there weren’t an upfront cost, and expire the beta app when you go live.

That’s correct. However, as noted above, the Android TV app does not support DVR features at this time.

Nice! Hope it works just as great as the Apple TV version. I don’t use Android TV hardly anymore since it made me mad (the SHIELD and Mi Box), but glad others will have the option now!

This was not intended… We’re still trying to figure out how the Play Store works, and I guess their beta setup is different than what we are used to with iTunes.

Use this link to opt-in to the beta instead:

If you already had the Channels DVR beta from before, it should update to the new Channels beta which talks directly to the HDHR (but does not have any DVR features).

Well shucks I already paid, I guess its no big deal and the purchase will carry over to the final release?

Liking it so far, one change I would like to see is less rows on the guide for smaller TV’s. My 65" works great but for a 32" id rather it only show 5 rows instead of the default 7, same goes for the “on now” page.

Yes it will.

I guess you mean show 5 rows of channels on the guide. What do you mean for the on now page?

I again signed up as a beta tester on Shield. No requirement to pay. The new beta overwrote the previous testing app (now, no DVR features…although I previously wasn’t using for playback of DVR recordings anyway, due to lack of sorting capabilities).

Although I do not normally use Live TV…I will try to spend some time to test. Once, DVR features are added (especially Alpha sort on recordings) I will probably purchase the Channels’ app on Shield, however, I may only use this platform as a backup to my current installation on a TV with an ATV (already attached).

Plex (on Shield…useless to me for other platforms) and Emby currently offer capabilities of playback of Channels and other DVR recordings of mpegts/h.264 files with a one time payment of $5 each…but currently do not offer the ease of comskip within Channels. This Channels feature alone is well worth the one time extra cost. Once coupled with Channels DVR functionality/ease of setup/on going support (IMO) there should be no question of which solution to use (regardless of the Channels’ monthly cost).

Best wishes for continued success to the Channel’s developers for this new endeavor into the world of Android. Channels is absolutely the best solution for those who are willing to pay for a premier solution.

So when my app auto updates on my shield tv, will l temporarily lose my current DVR functionality?

Right now I am still on the old version.

Thanks, indeed my prior beta installed to the latest and dropped the DVR functionality for now. I only got to play for a couple of minutes, so will send a more detailed one later.

Bug: I have 2 HDHR primes and channels are showing up twice.

Feature suggestion: a number of shield tv users have FLIRC setups to enable broader command set to use for Kodi and Plex. Would be great to have things like a previous channel, direct button to bring up guide or dvr menu, etc. if this is something you’d consider, then I’m sure the community would have a more complete set of useful commands that could be keymapped.

Will test more later today.

For smaller screen I think 5 rows on the guide would work nicely.

At first I thought the “on now” should be only two rows at all times but after using it more having 3 rows with focus on the middle makes sense. Adding a highlight color to the title bar for the program that is in view would help though, sometimes it can be difficult to know which show is being selected just by the small change in size.

This is correct. This test version has been discontinued. It’s goal was to get video playback working well.

Channels for Android TV will get the full DVR functionality found on the Apple TV version.

This really stinks. I was making heavy use of the DVR aspect of Channels in Android and I awoke today to find my app auto updated and that feature gone. Why remove it? It seemed to work well…

@Bogglor If you want I can remove you from this new beta and you should be able to delete and reinstall to get the previous version.

We are concentrating on bringing all the live tv features to android so we can release the new app. Once that is done, development on DVR features will resume. Right now the DVR code is broken since everything was rewritten to be able to talk to HDHRs directly.

If it hasn’t updated still, DM me your play store account email and I will make sure it’s added to the new build.

Sent an email of encouragement. I quite enjoyed watching the progress and evolution of this project to product. Keep up the good work!

A new beta build is available with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

This is now fixed.

This is also fixed in the latest beta and now matches the behavior on tvOS.

I’ll check back when the DVR portion is out for Android. Appreciate the work put towards this app, the back-end DVR setup page is great.

New Bug:

Cursor on guide screen is getting stuck. Will move up one and back down one, but no further. Not sure if relevant, but experienced this After watching a channel for a period of time, flipping around using favorites and then backing out to the guide.