NEW: Channels for Android TV


After watching tv (many shows on both firetv) I noticed that the app will suddenly and by itself (remote on table) show the timeline screen and after that the audio will go out of sync. Changing channels will put audio back in sync, but i have had the app show the timeline again after channel change and the new channel will go out of audio sync.


The audio sync issues on the FireTV has been fixed.


I do want to say this for all of us. You do great work and are very very responsive to bugs - THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!

Btw - my sister is willing to also be a beta tester (she lives in another state and currently uses HDHomeRun for live and dvr so might come across different issues. Is there room for more firetv beta testers, if so what link should I give her to get started with?


Sorry but the beta program is now over.

The apps are available for purchase on the Amazon and Google Play stores:

If you’ve been enjoying the app, please leave a review on the store.


Where should we post bugs or feature improvements at going forward?

Something I have been trying to figure out is there season and episode information available in app like are available in Channels DVR I dont see them that or the shows I checked do not have them (such as news).


I’ve created a new Android TV and Fire TV section on the main forum.

No this is currently not shown.


My wife had asked if there was a discount for beta testers, I told I did not know but usually and would ask.


Sorry we are not able to offer discounts.


All good, app is worth it, bought it today. Keep me up to date about when you need tester for the DVR feature addition please